Some things are getting better!

In 1986, when I started officially homeschooling my first child, homeschooling was different from the way it is now; no free downloadable resources, no used homeschool curricula, in fact, no homeschool curricula at all!  What we had were resources written for Christian schools, or for public schools.

I drove hours to attend the yearly State Homeschool conference and not being much interested in the lectures which were given by former classroom teachers, mainly spent my time in the Exhibit Hall.  This is where the resources were, where I joined the ranks of other stoller-pushing mothers with babies strapped on their backs, all of us trying to evaluate, in this precious once-yearly opportunity, all the materials available.  It was a high-pressure situation; I hated to spend money without actually seeing the books I was considering, but how to see it all?  And how, in all that crowd and confusion, to even process what I was seeing?

How amazing it is to me that you can now attend a homeschool conference from your home!  With speakers who actually homeschooled!  And that there are resources on nearly every subject written by, and for, homeschoolers!

Well, that’s what Homeschool Summits is; far beyond anything I could have imagined, far beyond wonderful, in fact! An opportunity to hear seasoned homeschool teachers (ie; parents) give advice, recommendations, and encouragement, and to learn about resources created for people just like you.