Contact Me

Dear Friend, I would love to be able to write back to every email I receive. Unfortunately, due to the amount of mail I get and the number of people God has put into my life who need me, I may not be able to reply with an email to you personally. I will try, however, to read every email and if it’s a commonly asked question, to address it in a future post.

So please send me your questions, thoughts, and concerns. As new resources and ways to correct and refine my ideas are on the list of things I want to continue to learn about, your feedback is valuable to me.

Note: Unless you’re in our church or community, I’m really not the right person to help you with personal situations and problems. If you need that kind of counsel, you need to find someone local, ideally in your church. Only someone who knows you and your situation can provide you with the kind of counsel you need.