Voices of the Past Audiobook Bundle

American Heroines in Their Own Words


5 CD sets (17 CDs)
Running Time: Approximately 17 hours


6 MP3 files
Running Time: Approximately 22.5 hours


Voices of the Past Audiobook Bundle

The Frontier Adventures of Elinore Stewart is sold out. This bundle now contains only 5 CDs. The price has been changed to reflect this. The MP3 still contains all 6.

America has a remarkable but largely unknown legacy of courageous, intelligent, Christian women. “Voices from the Past” relates the stories of several of these women in their own words, taken from their letters and diaries. Hear from a brave frontier bride, a visionary colonial daughter, a plucky young pioneer mother, an intrepid immigrant woman, a wise founding mother, and several Civil War belles, as Victoria Botkin breathes life into the words of real heroines of American history. Enhanced with sound effects and period music.

Titles in this series include:

“The Western Conservatory has produced some of the best audio books recorded in this century. Victoria Botkin has discovered memoirs of women from the past whose lives exuded self-reliance and fortitude in difficult circumstances, overcame adversity upon the death of their spouse or tragedy among the family, and raised children amidst great challenges. Her voice is the voice of the memoirists, pleasant and mellifluous but with a timber that reflects determination and resolve. The settings of the stories include the War for Independence, the Old West, and the Civil War; and the characters are unforgettable, for these tales are true and the people real, not the boring fictional stereotypes of modern romances. These “voices from the past” come alive through the reader’s skill and to listen is pure joy. While the storytellers of the books are women, every family member will enjoy listening and will wish for more.”

—Bill Potter, Historian

What could be more appealing than the dulcet tones of a cultured woman’s voice — the very embodiment of mature and godly femininity — reading the actual words of sturdy women of America’s past? These women not only supported their fathers and husbands through uncharted waters, but in the face of eminent peril and probable destruction, remained stalwart and true by relying on the God they loved. Victoria Botkin brings us the drama, sorrow and triumph over adversity these heroic women faced and conquered as she reads portions of their letters and diaries; appropriate period music provides the perfect backdrop for the real stories of these American heroines.

—Becky Morecraft