Timeline of the Reformation

A few years ago our family’s passion for stories from the long war against the suppression of biblical truth, our love of maps, and our passion for layout and graphic design coalesced into this beautiful timeline of the Reformation. (If you’re thinking you detect overtones of maternal pride here, you’re right.)

The text explains the contributions of Martin Luther in Germany, John Calvin in Switzerland, Henry VIII in England (one can hardly call his self-motivated rejection of Roman Catholic Church authority in England a contribution, but it did work for good,) John Knox in Scotland, Gaspard de Coligny in France, William the Silent in the Low Countries, and John Smith in the New World.

The map and most of all, the timeline of events itself, are hugely helpful in understanding the succession and interplay of events in this most important era of history.   If you haven’t already gotten around to making your own timeline, you’d better order this one so you’ll have it in time for the 500th anniversary!

Buy Your Own Timeline of the Reformation Here!

Often referred to as “the most important event in history”, the Protestant Reformation was actually a sequence of amazing events which exploded across Europe in the 16th century and changed history forever. This illustrated timeline, designed and created by the Botkin family, introduces key Reformers, maps out strategic locations, and orders the sequence of Providential historical events, chronologically. Printed in full color on heavy paper – 39″ x 14″