The Battle at Pooh Corner

The year 1966 marked the anniversary of one of the most important events in English History: the 900th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and the Norman invasion, events which changed life in England forever.  But 1966 was also the 40th anniversary of another event, much less important, but one which changed the lives of many children forever.  It was the anniversary of the publication of Winnie the Pooh.

In honor of this anniversary, the illustrator of Winnie the Pooh, Ernest Shepard, was asked to create a design for a book bag Mr. Shepard, by then 87 years old, came up with this design, wonderfully commemorating both events, which just shows that people really do get smarter as they get older.  He lived another ten years, too.




The design is based on the Bayeux Tapestry, which the Bishop of Odo commissioned in 1070 to commemorate his half-brother, William’s conquest of England in 1066.  It is wonderful, too, and worthy is study.